Rugs Made From Old T-shirts

Rugs Made From Old T-shirts

Using the rope of your old T-shirt you can get rugs in different shapes and models. Here are the best models of rugs made from old T-shirts .

Collect all your old T-shirt; for this you will need a lot of colorful rugs shirt. Old T-shirts as a whole, cut in such a visual way to create a long rope and make it all the tangles. These tangles bringing together the color you want, such as a trio. Starting in the middle of a long braid you obtain rotate in a spiral shape and sew every turn.

You can still portable woven fabric in the same way, wood colored T-shirt you make rope. The parts you get the rope square texture you can create a stitching together a patchwork rug.

Again T-shirt you make your knitting and sewing thread round form, you can get a nice rug model. This knitting rope together you get the T-shirt in the same color tone rugs can achieve more impressive appearance.

However, by choosing the colors of the rainbow in your shirt you can make rope lay rainbow into your home. These rugs woven to crochet work pattern of the difference if you know of crochet, throw a rope chain with your shirt and your rug eg the circular form.




Use a hula hoop where children can play, you can make a colorful rug. T-shirts on the ropes you do get a passing wheel hula view. You can spend rug to spend on top of another who then wish you rope in color under a rope.


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