Ruffled Baby Skirt Pattern

Ruffled Baby Skirt Pattern

Hello friends. As Canı family, we have prepared a very nice skirt description for you. We liked this stylish crochet skirt model that our little girls can wear at weddings, holidays, visits to relatives. We think you and your daughter will also like and use it.

As the holiday is approaching, we think that such a practical, cute and cute skirt model description will be very useful to you. We hope that both you and your daughter will like it and remember us as you use it.

In our video, we prepared the skirt with 1 year old measurements. If you want, you can adapt it for the age you want by using the skirt measurements of the size chart.

We create the waist part of our skirt with a rubber model. Since there is an increase in some parts of the ends of the skirt, we obtained a model that opens and expands towards the bottom.

You can learn the details such as the type of rope and crochet number we used while making our crochet skirt, along with other details in skirt making, by reviewing our video that we have added the link below.

I hope it was a useful video and narration for you.

We would be very happy if you share your thoughts, likes and suggestions about the video with us by commenting.

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Good luck in advance to friends who want to do it.

Frilly Baby Skirt Model Expression Video ;


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