How to Remove Tomato Paste Stains?

How to Remove Tomato Paste Stains?

Dry stains of tomato paste, the processing of the depth of your clothes and clean as possible can cause discoloration in this area. That’s why you should get a napkin to dry just when tomato sauce poured over you. Napkins suppressing stain should deploy, you just have to clean up the paste to the stained area.

Will make it more difficult stain to be thoroughly mixed with different materials paste, you must switch to dry from cleaning method.

When the sauce is poured on your clothes, remove your clothes immediately and pour a little dish detergent on the stain. After waiting 5 minutes to wash dishwashing detergent, such as rubbing the stained area just washing with warm water. Oil dish great success in the destruction of jobs that gleaming dish soap stains.

The second method to apply the paste to remove stains from your clothes spill is holding upside down for a while clothing in cold water. We recommend that you only stained with the cold water waiting. If a piece of ice in your home you can just put ice on the stain. Will penetrate the ice melts clothes and texture of the paste will not stain.

After receiving the amount of the excess spilled paste pour salt on the stain. It starts processing the salt melt depth and clothing. Wait until there is no salt on the surface, this time is approximately 20 minutes. Wash your clothes in the machine after. With the salt particles allow the application to be processed tomato texture of your clothing is effective in the destruction of the red sauce.


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