How to remove tea stains?

How to remove tea stains?

Begin immediately after pouring the tea. Always choose white paper towel or cloth. Otherwise, the colors and patterns on the cloth on the cloth flowing condition worsens thoroughly. When you clear the tea stains, starting from the edges is less than the stain, it should be clear to the place where many found. Or very little stained stained floor area will shift towards the stain.


Natural fibers, wool, silk, linen, suede, lined clothing is concerned, applications can also turn color as this may damage the fabric. If you use soap, interventions are made with only white soap. You can interfere with the stain that you get wet with white soap.


Because, if we think of it as the cloth, light colored soap or dishwashing detergent on the area, leaving their color, it causes the stain becomes more permanent and difficult removed. Do not forget that; not place the tea stains. In this way, spots to larger locations.


If the stain appears more difficult tea; try using vinegar to remove it. Vinegar provides the stain and leave more quickly, and does not leave any trace of stain. You can remove the stain with a cotton tea and lemon cologne. Put a piece of cotton under the tea stains on the carpet and fabric on top and pour the lemon cologne and rinse with warm water than increased. Rapid and definitive solution.


If the stain out despite everything, put 1 cup of vinegar to 2/5 ratio with water and fill the empty part of the glass. That you have to absorb the liquid and drive to clean tea stains by buffering with a white paper towel or cloth. Then the cleanest possible with warm water and rinse the carpet, the remaining moisture dry and clean white cloth taken by damping.



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