How to Remove Stains Deodrorant?

How to Remove Stains Deodrorant?

How do I research on deodorant stains out of clothes we wanted to share with you.

Mix in a bowl with warm water and detergent to clean the stained area with water. Then rinse with warm water. You do not have time to wash, wipe the stained area with cotton soaked in ammonia and water.

Ammonia for colored clothing should be set to half and half water. Mix coarse salt in a bucket of warm water and soak for half an hour in the water stained clothing. Then rinse with warm water. Mix % 50 vinegar and water in a container.

Deodorant stains soak your clothes with this mixture for 1 hour. You will see that there are no traces of the stain completely. Rub lightly with water before rinsing softening go to the smell of vinegar.

Mix the bleach with detergent and warm water. White outfit rinse with water. You can erase the stain with a cotton you sink into ammonia. It does not need to be mixed with water and ammonia in white clothes. Rinse thoroughly clean the stained area with oxygenated water.


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