Remake Your Old T-Shirts

Remake Your Old T-Shirts

Remake Your Old T-Shirts

T-shirts have the majority of your closet that is why you probably have a lot of old t-shirts. You can remake your old t-shirts.


You can make carpet out of your old t-shirts.


You can cut your old-shirts in strips and remake your old t-shirts into a lovely carpet.

You can cut and tie your old t-shirts.

This may sound like shredding the t-shirt, but it is like knitting the t-shirts’s strips. This way is a great way to remake your old t-shirts. All you need are scissors, after that you can tie your old t-shirts’ strips as you like.


You can put knitted motives on it.

You can sew your favorite knitting motives in your old t-shirts. These lovely knitting motives you knit will give your old t-shirt a total new look.


You can cut pieces out from your old t-shirt.

You can cut the sides of your old t-shirt or you can cut out triangle pieces. You can try cutting out lacework like motives too. Cutting out pieces from your clothes is very trendy these times; you can be trendy with your old t-shirts with cutting pieces out of it.


You can remake your old t-shirt from top to bottom.

If you are really bored with your old t-shirts and none of these above ideas do not seem okay to you, you can completely remake your old t-shirts.


You can make a one shoulder t-shirt or sew it differently than it was. These are just some ideas to remake your t-shirts.



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