Recycled DIY Bottle Candle Holder – Candlestick

Recycled DIY Bottle Candle Holder – Candlestick

Candle holder from bottle – candlestick making, we have told you about making candle holder with wonderful visuals in the corner of make it yourself.

You can make different candlesticks and candle holders with many glass bottles. The most beautiful gift you can give to your home as elegance and gift will be your hand labor.

You can apply this beautiful wax when you watch the video narration which is very easy to make. Goodbye wishing to be together again in the different do-it-yourself corner.

Bottle Candle Holder – Candlestick Making, DIY – Diy
Necessary materials

You can use any pine bottle you want.

Glass plate 1 piece

Paint, brush, gloves, rope, flower

Silicone gun

First, let’s start by drawing different patterns on the bottle with silicone. You can draw any shape you want. If you want, you can draw with the pencil in advance.

Let’s clean the remaining ones with a dry silicone brush, then apply rope detail to the bottom and end of the bottle.

Let’s draw with silicon on the glass plate. Then let’s do the painting process, you can choose the tone you want to paint the bottom part. Wood color paint is preferred to the top.

At least 2 hours after the end of the process to let dry. Let’s move on to the wood paint color again. We use small flower details. You can use it with water based finger gilding. Finally, squeeze silicone into the mouth of the bottle and glue it to the plate. You can apply it by watching the video narration for detailed production. Good luck with..

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