Questioning game with your child

Questioning game with your child

Children’s games are very important for a child’s development.Children’s games have a big influence on the development of a child especially mentally.But they make the child also emotionally mature. There  are many children’s games some of them are almost from our mother’s age. Hide and catch,describing the object,guessing a person ,guessing professions, and also many games which are played with ball. If your child goes to kindergarten he/she will play many games there and learn many things. These games will make her/him grow and increase the capacity of her/his thinking.

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There are many funny  children’s games. These are games  like stand up and sit down ,rock scissors paper, also finding a hidden object by guiding you child with saying warm and cool when he/she are getting close to the object.You can also play guessing games with your child. If your child goes to school you can also play games by which you will write down names , animals names ,city names, and objects with the choosen letter.

There are many games for children.Especially the games which are mind developing can be called IQ games. Games like taboo,scrabble or other games like chess make children think more and concenterate on issues. These are good for children,who can not concentreate easily. Especially chess is a very motivating game which makes your child think and keeps his/her mind busy. Nowadays children prefer to spend time with mobile phones or tablets which makes them lazy and keep their mind inactive.

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