Purse Crafting

Purse Crafting


Purse is a necessary item for all of us in daily lives. We put the money we have and all type of our cards in it. You can craft your own purse instead of buying it. By doing this you can use your creativity to craft a purse which reflects your style. Also it has practical results. You can add anything that you find useful to it. Now I will tell yo how to craft purse from felt.



It is not a hard one but you should be careful and neat while crafting. However, it wont take much time to craft purse from felt.


Choice of  Felt

The color and the thickness is what you have to decide. And also the size of course depend on the expected size.  If you pick a thin one it will be easier to work with the felt and your purse will be softer.


Decide the Patern

I will share a standard purse for women pattern. You can use other patterns too or create your own one.



As you can see in the pattern there are 3 different pieces. Aafter you cut these pieces from the felt Knit the together. The small one is meant to be the cap and the other 2 is the part of the body. You should knit them together like in the pictures.



If you want your purse to look fancier then you can use lace.

After that you are done. It was how to craft a purse from felt.


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