Pregnant women should be careful in the winter months

Pregnant women should be careful in the winter months

We need to protect ourselves during the 9 months of pregnancy. In particular, we need to be protected from extreme heat in the summer. What should pay attention in the winter months pregnant? And pregnant women should be careful in the winter months are as follows:


-Year the foods we should pay attention to the vitamin we get from food. You should eat our meals without skipping.

Winter in the `month of carrots, cauliflower and peppers which should consume plenty of vitamins A and C.


Especially indoors during the winter months, you should stop in smoking environments.

-Soft should choose clothes, we wear heavy clothes to keep out the cold.


-Open should not need to consume plenty of fluids and solid food.

– Perhaps also one of the most important among pregnant women should be careful in the winter, we should stay away from people with flu and flu ourselves, we have to protect from colds.

To be heating up too much room in your sleep, you must ventilate air circulation frequently.


The selection of shoes, comfortable shoes should you prefer to keep your feet warm.

You should not forget to take proteins.
Winter in the `must go outside during the winter, you should not allow the insertion of depression.


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