Practical Pattern Samples

Practical Pattern Samples

Hello to everyone! Today, I would like to express about practical pattern samples of do it yourself projects which are really easy to do at home in your free time and a chance to test your ability on these kinds of activities.

Every woman would like to create something on their own. So, why do you stop? Let’s start our practical pattern samples which are surely about homemade stuff.


For example, if we would like to design our own doll diaper, we can easily do it if we have below materials:

  • Scrap pieces of fleece, felt or any other non-fraying material
  • Cotton fabric scraps or a fat quarter if you want them to all match
  • Mink fabric or flannel scraps
  • 1/2″ sew on Velcro


By using these materials you can easily do your own baby doll diapers for your babies. Please follow the pictures in order to have idea about it.

And also, I of course would like to give you another sample which will be another option for your information.


For example, you can design your own cloud cushion which is a common trend in all over the world these days. If you have the materials that I mention as below, you can easily do it yourself:


  • 70 x 90cm Liberty Lifestyle craft fabric in print of your choice (we used Garnett in colorway C) – For Bigger Sizes
  • 110 x 35cm Liberty Lifestyle craft fabric in print of your choice (we used Woolf in colorway C) – For Medium Sizes
  • 100 x 30cm Liberty Lifestyle craft fabric in print of your choice (we used in Catherine colorway C) – For Small Sizes
  • Matching sewing thread
  • 500g safety standard polyester cushion filling
  • Sewing machine
  • Sewing kit


For more information, you can check the pictures and watch more videos about these patterns if you would like to create more interesting ones!

Good Luck!


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