Poisoning in Children

Poisoning in Children

Our children may sometimes occur in the event of poisoning due to external factors. Poisoning in children within the body of an organism in their way is caused by damage to their body. Children poisoning incidents; it may be either toxic or nutrients. From 2 to 13 years old each person is a child.

Infant child with cleaning chemicals

They are unaware of any criminal offense in cases of poisoning is actually the largest individual or should neglect. It can lead to sudden death or slow poisoning as a time poisoning.


Generally nervous system, blood, heart, affects organs like lungs. The substances led to cases of poisoning in children, medicines, cleaning materials, acids, bottled gas leaks, nutrients and other harmful substances are degraded.


Generally, nausea, dizziness, low blood pressure associated with these symptoms can even be fatal if not urgent intervention. Poisoning incident occurred in children at some point in the neglected, be late for medical intervention is late recognition of poisoning incidents. Things measures are actually simple. If a poison when taken orally, starch, things like salt water to drink poison and should be slowed down to digest.

A young girl looks at a pile of pills that was left on a counter.

To compare with the events of poisoning in children should be very careful. Your medical leave in the middle of the reach of children. However, your doctor immediately if you experience poisoning incidents despite these measures.



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