Plastic Bottles Do With Helicopter

Plastic Bottles Do With Helicopter

As many decorative items made from plastic bottles, you can decorative feature or helicopter for your children. You can save even recycled bottles evaluating. Helicopter with plastic bottles make a deal that does not require much skill. Materials you need are very simple and readily available ingredients. The helicopter will make a great gift you have given your child. By helicopter model children’s favorite toys between them can be very happy.

A simple plastic bottle of the necessary ingredients to make helicopter with plastic bottles (ideal small size) is important to have the matte bottles. Matt bottles are usually bottled milk or buttermilk. If you interested to make plastic bottles with a helicopter very easy to make a simple model of helicopter. Bottles to make the helicopter model, ping-pong ball, glue, scissors, bottle caps must.

After providing your ingredients to make plastic bottles with a helicopter you will need to open a small hole in the bottle cap. Bottle well short of the absolute. You make the propeller of the pipette. Pipettes are supposed to be absolutely square. Bendable straws slope, you must choose to do. You will need to stand up for helicopter from the pipette. At the same time the need to cut part of the bottle about one centimeter in width. You will use this track again for the helicopter skids. Mount the pipette bottle you cut the part. You can easily punch with the help of the installation work.

You must cut the straws for the feet. Create the helicopter’s feet cut off so that it is suitable criteria. Add the tail of the helicopter to the lid of the bottle cut (the part you put a hole in) the other portion is placed in a ping-pong ball.

You must place the propeller in the upper body. You can use colored head pin to move the propeller. It is very easy to be applied to the helicopter with plastic bottles.


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