How to be placed foods in the refrigerator?

How to be placed foods in the refrigerator?

Many housewives fruits, vegetables, food and drinks are placing beautiful advent of placing in the refrigerator. In fact, this is quite wrong. If you place food and drink properly remains if fresh longer and the shelf life is extended. To do this, you should pay attention to the settlement scheme.

The freezer compartment of the refrigerator in which the cold perishable food can put the first section just below. Eggs, milk, cheese, put the upper part of the meat products.

Eggs will produce bacteria if you leave it open while placing in the refrigerator and will switch to other foods. So even if you put the eggs eye you must necessarily cover up.

In the middle of the refrigerator if you put your bread in the refrigerator if you can put it in this section. However, if you forget to turn off the stretch.

In the lower part, which is the hottest part of the refrigerator, you can put fruit and vegetables. If epilepsy fruits and vegetables to putting paper bag if you can keep fresh longer. Another thing you should be careful when inserting the same time will have to pay attention to their weight. For example, if you put tomatoes on the berries are crushed and broken far more quickly. Please pay attention to so order.


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