Pet Bottle Making Helicopter

Pet Bottle Making Helicopter

Toys often spends time with the children, playing games means they use all kinds of objects.

We take a wide variety of toys for our children. We have spent money as property. However, we can also practice the toy objects in the house. We have spent time with our children and we contribute to both their cognitive development. Some toys are used to evaluate things by ourselves. Some objects that can make them fun to use instead of throwing it in the trash. What do you say to a cute helicopter example, plastic bottles?

Our materials;

The neck of a slightly curved bottles, pipette 3, 1 PET bottle size diameters up in a ball, 1 beaded fastener (or even big headed pin) and materials staples to fasten together.

First, we cut away the plastic bottles. We will use the upper part of the clamshell. We pierced with a tool such as nail piercing the center of the lid. PET bottle part we cut up the other half of 2 cm. To cut through our feet that we will use to meet its part of the helicopter we get the shape we cut by the curve of the neck length of the pipette 3 en 1.

We cut the pipette in one of the two curves are cut to punch the two ends of the  shape. Curved side needs to be toward the front of the helicopter. We will use the bottle cap to punch in the middle of the shape. In this way, we are the body that combines the foot of the helicopter. Others we cut straight pipettes are clamped to the body midway through the beaded fastener put in a crisscross pattern. Pipette curve curve side hole plug cover our bodies we make sure to look up. Finally, PET plastic bottle to put the ball in the open part we complete construction of the helicopter.


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