Patterns of Knitting Booties

Patterns of Knitting Booties

There is a tradition that has been going on since the past. Especially our women make efforts to maintain this tradition. Traditionally, when summer comes, there is a period of preparation for winter. pickles are made. Tomatoes are placed in jars and stored. It is also consumed throughout the winter. In the sense of preparation for the winter, there is a preparation of food, as well as a type of clothing. Knitting works do not fall out of the hands of ladies. The most commonly knitted and knitted patterns are sweaters, booties and jackets.

In winter, various kinds of knitted booties patterns are made and stored so that they are worn warm and protected from the cold, especially in winter. As a rule, it is taken on a cold foot. Because in winter, the places we step on become colder. And the most cold area is our feet.

Patterns of Knitting Booties
Our mothers or grandmothers, as a solution to this situation, take a crochet or skewer in their hands and start knitting. The thickness of the crochet or skewer and the thickness of the woolen rope taken increase the temperature effect of the knitting booties patterns that will appear on us more. Because as long as the wool rope is thick, it also becomes clear how many skewers or crochets should be used.

Booties, which are usually made with a crochet, become easier. You can adapt the pattern that will turn out according to yourself. And if you do it with skewers, you’ll finish it faster, and there may be people who don’t know. So it might sound complicated. Crochet is easier to hold. Knowing both types of knitting will be to your advantage.

While our elders used to learn how to do this job from their elders, now this job is being done as a profession, with more various facilities and using more pattern knitting types. Although the average sunday sweater you buy at the market costs the same or about the same price as the sweater you knit yourself, the knitting booties patterns that your loved ones make thinking about you are incomparable. Such braids, which are used fondly and willingly, can remain with you for a lifetime.

His memory will be enormous, his spiritual value will be priceless. Expectant mothers also knit booties, which they first do before giving birth, so that their baby’s feet don’t get cold. If the birth comes in the winter months, the babies wear the booties that their mother knitted first, and that first booties are always stored.


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