Pareo Models

Pareo Models

During the summer months to the combination of many women in bikinis and swimsuits, pareos uses different colors and models to look more stylish and close to the areas where you want to hide the body. among 2017 models this summer pareo net, lace, mesh model to a lot of attention, such as crochet.


Pareo summer 2017 summer models: Models of mesh, lace and crochet used. very stylish and colorful pareo on swimwear and bikini models used to show up on the beach this summer.


Which colors are?

Turquoise pareo summer this year in Used 2017 models, orange, yellow, powder colors used. Line textured, patterned batik pareo will be used a lot this year.


2017 Summer Pareo Model Classic: pareo the implementation ahead combine binding under waist

Skirt: pareo connecting shaped skirts

Neck: pareo to connect the boom combined the two UVC

Strapless: saitleyip over the chest, united in a spot near the armpit


Asymmetric: exponentially pareo the two facing side down around the waist Formal binding manner: pareo passed through the longitudinal ridges, cross-format model derived from the neck connecting it comes right behind the chest.


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