Owl Hat Making

Owl Hat Making

Hand knitted hats have always interested. If you can do all kinds of hats you can weave pattern. In particular, more than the number of models that may be of interest to children. Knitted hat adorned with animal prints with your children and your loved ones happy with the delay in labor.

I want to give information about the owl hat made fondly used by children today.


Starting with 38 stitches according to the head width you want to knit first 15 rows and we create as purl later at the head of this queue according to length in stretched or you can shorten.


10 grains are cut, 4 are flat weaves and we have to stop again 10 stitches are completing this order by cutting back 4 flat knit 10. 4 + 4 loops we left as well as the two corners are cut 6 knitting.


It went through the same process we did complete the knitting operation by making the rear. Owl hat made with the nose ring and two large color you want by making frequent mouth crochet needle and you’re doing the same for those who have eyes inside of the small ring.


Finally, we add in front of our nose triangular hat with frequent needle in the desired color to the owl hat making. Finally, we are completing our united front and rear parts of the ear and construction hat by adding strings organizations. We have completed the construction of our hat.


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