Ornaments to Make Paper

Ornaments to Make Paper

We all have different skills. However, crafts and skills to improve a little in a matter of curiosity that. For this reason, much loved in our country, namely the art of paper folding origami used for different purposes, it opens horizons for different creations to you. You will find us in the heart of DIY projects made detailed and illustrated description of the paper. This project eventually you’ll get great products in different areas you can use for ornament and decoration. After the application will be ready to take your three dimensional hearts.

Our project needs the color that you want to frame post cards. Handmade paper by cutting it or using it, you can also get ready for the post.

Fold it in half lament. Then get a rectangle as shown below and in the middle opening doubling it, there is a marked trail to obtain the floor.

Fold the edges of the sign in the middle. Get in shape in the upper right. Turn the long edge facing down and let the back edge of a tiny triangle we will use the tracks after opening them.

Then pull the track that you make the corner. Now let’s get right through the middle of the lower part of the tab. Right took the pictures in the paper as shown heart now we are completing the construction phase.

Soon as we get a little lift and bend the tabs on the bottom two corners inward. Front view of the heart take my turn this will no longer occur after completely. The bottom of tiny holes, open the call with the help of needles or sharp objects. In this way, now three dimensional paper heart will be revealed. You can take advantage of this special product in many operations. Your wall hanging, rope with ceiling decorations, you can paste it on your gift packages, or you can fill them into a colorful lantern making.



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