Old Suitcase Rating

Old Suitcase Rating

Old suitcases assessment; old or broken zipper present our suitcases, we’ll throw in the trash immediately and take a new one. In fact, our suitcase at home that will help us so much work, I am sure you will be very surprised when he heard of. Old suitcases I can hear what you say more work. Now you in your home instead of throwing away your suitcase when he heard these ideas will provide a stylish design in one corner.

Your old suitcase foot on the basis of four wooden sticks, you can see a nice coffee served by painting a beautiful color. Left you have a cat, the dog may be the nest, his mouth can stand in a corner to be left open. Bathroom wall of your house, you can mount on the wall in the drill pierces you get a wardrobe, you can put your small parts, you can decorate with different decorations on parts.

You can see a table in your suitcase garden tasks, for which you should wear long sticks to only feet above the very old, may require a varnish or paint. Another idea, you can put your child’s room desk intentions. Of course, still stand a good follow up to their feet, can make you look stylish. Lampshade on, we can put the frame type things.

Take your luggage from the bottom of the cover, insert nice polite stand on top of two parts, we can put on top. Whether vegetable in the kitchen, you can put your bathroom detergent if you want. Buddha is a state stuck to your enjoyment. At the same time your suitcase, you can dial in the toy box for your children. Pasting on icons describing different beautiful kids, you can make a nice toy box.

I think you can help in evaluating old suitcases. You should think in a few more before throwing away your suitcases. While contributing to your budget you will also have made recycling. Everything in the house can be recycled. How can we evaluate instead of throwing away your belongings we should think so.


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