Old Socks Assessment Ideas

Old Socks Assessment Ideas

Coragem that instead of throwing one of the quickest things you can evaluate old and torn in different ways.

If you wish your old socks fingerless, you can convert a single finger gloves if you wish. You can just start using your hand on the edge of the glove planting sufficient to remove the shape. And putting.

You can convert your old socks to cute toys for your children. To make a squirrel or owl according to the following visual; cut off from the body of the animal in accordance with the example of socks and other fiber filling inside. Use the different sock parts of the face.

Children will love, you can choose their color and patterned socks for this idea. Bring them to the ends of the rectangular form of socks in different colors and cut patterns. All rectangular components perpendicular to each other end to end. Use round nose snake’s head and tail end socks. snake eyes from the button after you fill completely upright for vengeance in fiber, you can track language from the ribbon.

Precise rectangular form as it is still in your old sock snake cushion. Hobby shop where you can find the edges of the rectangular styrofoam pieces you spend around the ring in the other. Bring socks Finally a piece of ribbon and paste it into the top of the wreath form.

If you wish pine tree ornament can be used as an ornament to be fitted to the door handles if you wish need to take this idea to cut the tip of the sock. The rectangular portion around the making roll and the roll as shown in the image with a residual yellow wool. Finally mount the ring on a ribbon structure and ornament.


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