Oil Cup Made from Decorative Bottles

Oil Cup Made from Decorative Bottles


Today’s our do it yourself project is how to make an oil cup from decorative bottles. It is really entertaining and useful hobby or activity for a housewife, child or all family members. Because, you can enjoy and have a good time while designing your bottles!


All we need before starting this activity is a bottle, it does not matter decorative or normal but if you use decorative it will be more chic while you are using in your kitchen, also we will need what material you would like to use. For example, you can use stickers of cartoons or movies; if you want you can paint your bottle if the origin material of bottle is available for it. Because, some people would like to use glass, plastic and other versions of materials used in bottle made.


If you have chosen your favorite bottle, we can start this enjoyable and useful activity all together. Please be sure that your bottle will work when you would like to use it as an oil cup. We highly recommend you to use glass bottles because it is more stronger and long life. Also, according to the specialists it is healthier because bacteria cannot increase in it.


After you finished your design as painting, using stickers or another style of designing, you can use it in your kitchen as different handmade stuff. When your guests visit your house, it is a proud creation of you. Thus, your activity talent will be improved and you will be able to create or design other stuff at home!



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