Obesity Problems in Children

Obesity Problems in Children

Obesity; the accumulation of excess fat in the body and is caused by a medical condition that should be treated strictly. Infants, children, like adults, can be seen in different age groups. Low rates depend on hormonal disorders. But in general, it is the result of an unbalanced diet.

Weight gain in children with high cholesterol and fatty liver depends on more weight as uncomfortable constitutes obesity on the agenda in recent days.

They are responsible for their own nutrition for children, so that they provide nutrition for the support of his family, caution is required in the habit of feeding their families. In fact, obese children often parents are also overweight.

Children forced to eat dinner feedin children also creates a lack of confidence that the state had enough in children with obesity. Children sometimes try to eat the food color images watching television programs as there is plenty to interest them and shoved the food into his mouth are some of the biggest mistakes made by the family.



Children will be given a lot of junk food leads to obesity also be fed to a fast-food meals. Excessive consumption of fatty foods and fizzy drinks are also damaging to health.



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