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No New year’s resolutions methinks….

No New year’s resolutions methinks….

…and so a New Year is upon us…

Quite something folks…we are indeed living in historic times. After all the Mayan apocalypse hysterics, it seems we are to still trudge through the same-as-usual New Year’s resolutions quicksand…I can safely say that my enthusiastically envisioned resolutions for 2012 died a quick and (in retrospect) merciful death…
It feels like a lifetime ago that I posted about the great plans I had to do more of this, and more of that, and even get this and the next thing done during 2012…hmmmm…

This year I will not make any New Years Resolutions…instead I think I will try to make an effort to achieve ONE thing a week…a DO-ABLE thing, something non-earth shattering that may be good for me/my family/others…something possibly unnecessary, but if achieved, very satisfying.
Life is so full of surprises and so unpredictable, that achieving even small things could be a big win 🙂

Are you planning New Years Resolutions? What do you think will make you achieve them?

Perhaps my goal for this week is to finish writing up a pattern I have been working on…a cute and fun knit…

Whatever your take on resolutions, I wish all my blog readers a healthy, blessed and calm 2013…


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