Newsstand Production of Plastic Pipes

Newsstand Production of Plastic Pipes

The house is empty most of the time women are involved in various things. Do it yourself projects attracted great attention at the beginning of their income. Women produce recycling project, producing a variety of ideas can also earn money from it. You can contribute to your family budget at home by applying the ideas of recycling.

First, we need a plastic water pipe. What we want to do this pipe newspaper chromatic she could paint colors. Or coated fabric in a color and pattern that we want. We can also paint with spray paint. We need 8 plastic pipe. Furthermore, as the punch 1 also necessary. These materials are available from the shops selling building materials. Newsstand will make the necessary match the decor of our home. So the choice of colors is important.

Let’s go to the construction of our newsstand. First, we are doubling the middle of our fabric. We combine the end with the help of staples. Staples are sticking with the tube hanging down part of the fabric. Let’s be careful not to puncture the pipe with staples.

After securing the feet of our newsstand, we have made ready.

We can create the decor by putting it into a corner of the living room or our bedroom newsstand we made our own. You can get an idea by examining other DIY page of our site to evaluate your leisure.


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