Necklaces at Home

Necklaces at Home

Astrology and solar systems can see a lot of interest by women. Necklaces which are used as accessory parts of the solar system, is one of the best designed parts of the new season. Necklace design, construction is difficult without an accessory.


She should lose no time at all. With bright and metallic beads necklace made can be prepared. In order to reflect the idea that you believe in a realistic way out, so you need to choose the materials and accessories fair. Whether you want your children you would do for yourself, these products are very fun design.


Wooden beads with different sizes,

Glossy and metallic acrylic paints


Wooden skewers

First, prepare your paint and other solar system materials on a table.


These beads can choose the same size.

Then you will use your index on the bead chain.

You can start the color that you want to color beads. The color orange and bright golden color.

First, paint your wood boncuğu blue. You can then land on the green and dry.

In order to paint all the beads and leave to dry


You must select the appropriate bead on the thickness of your chain.

It would be an elegant image with the necklace that you can do yourself. You can paint in the appropriate color to your outfit.

Necklaces is a good idea to evaluate your leisure time.

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