Is it necessary to give water to a baby?

Is it necessary to give water to a baby?

According to the doctors breastfeeding babies do not need to drink water,because breast milk consists 88% of water. No matter how hot the weather might be. Water consumption by the babies should be avoided. You should start giving water to your baby when he/she is between 4 and 6 months old and started to eat solid food. Be also careful with the amount you should give water just a few sips. Too much water is dangerous for your baby’s health. It can effect the electrolytes(the sodium level) in the baby’s blood,which can decrease the baby’s body temperature.


Another common question is juice consumption by the babies .You can offer juice to your baby after 6 months. But juice consumption by the babies is also not recommended. It is better to add some juice to the water.

Cheerful baby girl sitting in chair and holding baby cup

After 12 months you can give juice to your baby,but avoid too much juice. Do not fill up the baby with juice. Otherwise it will effect your baby’s nutrition.


Here are some exceptions for water consumption.  If your baby has fever, his/her need of water will change,because sweating and fast heart beating will increase the need for water. Especially in the summer fever followed by diaherria increases the need of water by 100%.


The need for water of an one year old child weighing 10 kg is 1000 ml daily. While A twelve years old child weighing 30 kg needs 1500 ml water daily.

Cheerful baby girl sitting in chair and holding baby cup


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