Natural Shampoo Recipe

Natural Shampoo Recipe

Of apple cider vinegar are endless benefits to human health. Known to provide many benefits as well as health shiny hair and gives it the effect is. It also prevents the formation of dandruff and fights infections in your hair.

When purifying effect of your hair shampoo sold in the market, it is used for protecting the hair and stimulate hair creams. Dead skin cells and dirt when you wash hair with shampoo in the hair removed. This process leads to sensitization of the scalp and the hair is affected by external factors and heat becomes easy. It is activated at this point in hair creams, to prevent damage to the hair and assure substances needed by the hair. There conditioner with a variety of content in the market. However, if you pay these charges are also quite a lot. Doing your own hair cream in your home and you have contributed to your budget, and you’ll get a completely natural hair conditioner.

Hold the apple cider vinegar house cleaning is also used in many fields to weaken. In addition, you can apply it to your hair with apple cider vinegar cures you can have a more healthy and shiny hair. It softens the hair, allows easy scanning. Instead of hair cream containing chemicals and solutions available on the market so you can achieve a natural healthy hair you use this cream.

When you use the cream you can achieve a natural solutions for healthy hair. Apple cider vinegar prevents dandruff and direct them to not fighting with fungus that causes dandruff. from itching due to dandruff and also has the ability to relieve irritated scalp.


4 tablespoons cider vinegar
1 cup water

Spray bottle to put our cream


Mix it with apple cider vinegar water heating simmer for 20 minutes. We expect about half an hour to cool down and we fill our our spray bottle mix.

We are focusing wash our hair with shampoo we use. Then we mix our hair annoys us present our spray bottle. We have to feed our scalp massage thoroughly. We are focusing after waiting for 5 minutes.

You can get the best results if you apply this mixture 3 times a week as you can use all the time. The amount of hair you can mix the vinegar in a building with more fat than normal increase slightly.


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