Mirror Ornaments

Mirror Ornaments

You can paste or stone beads on a flat mirror in your home. Also placing flowers reflected in the mirror, you can increase the visual space. Several of bamboo rods. Hang on your walls tied together with raffia. Attach your earrings wish them well on whether your notes. Do not worry your mirror frame did break, refresh. Thick cut and paste two pieces on top of a cardboard. The data patterns as you paint. If you do the same process with the sponge you will be more successful. Do you have watery paint; It causes deformation of the board. Paste it on your mirror. Garnish with stones. By assembling a box cover yourself you are using a desktop in .chassis whatnot, you want to make a modern mirror, this proposal is for you. It will catch a gain effortless double-sided tape and pasting the mirror edges. A combination of aesthetics and functionality. This will try to mirror in matching colors. Get ribbons. Prepare your paste to the composition of the remainder of the ribbon. You can also create a different style and pasting your mirror on a stand.


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