Mirror Making with Plastic Spoon

Mirror Making with Plastic Spoon

Manual labor made products made with the vehicle, known as spit dozens of examples come to mind crochet. Many products we use in our home decoration products are actually made with a manual labor. So most of the products we can use some of the materials around us.

What of those products could not bear to throw to admire what you want to do is done. Every day we look at our faces, we fix our hair, make up mirror in the face of inevitable that we are becoming a great home decoration accessories with different materials. We will decorate the mirrors from plastic spoons in this article.

Necessary materials;

100- 150 plastic spoons

Silicone adhesive



Spray paint


First, we draw a circle 60 cm in diameter on the carton. Use our mirror will we draw the circle shape is round. According to the shape of the mirror can draw patterns in double size of mirror size. If you want to handle plastic spoon if you want to separate from the stalks and cut them with scar solder machine. If you want to achieve more uniform spoons I suggest you cut through solder.

The apartment spoons thinking we cut around the middle to put the round mirror sticking one by one, starting from the outside. We paint all the spoons with spray paint adhesion process is finished. After the paint dries in the middle we are sticking with mirror silicone adhesive. 2 cans of spray paint can completely paint with spoons.


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