Mirror Made From Plastic Spoon

Mirror Made From Plastic Spoon

We can create in house decoration with plastic spoons. Our friendly and interesting designs for instant access to the materials that we can use to design a loving audience as we would like it to be generally easy to obtain the material. Meaningful and pleasing design by designing a separate beauty to apply it to design our living space. This material of various design examples can be easily found in many homes and can easily be obtained. We have designed mirrors are also of course our home floor warm and natural atmosphere air.

Mirror made very simple and convenient, moreover, construction is extremely simple. You can change the atmosphere of your room by ornamental mirror diameter of the mirror is not so important how big you want to have the same system can do for him.

At this stage, we can use the necessary materials; paint, caulking guns, plenty of plastic spoons estimated 100, scissors, round shape mirror, cardboard cartons, pencil and color you want to spray spoons, pens and soldering machines are used to cut the spoon. It made available in a day’s time.

Silicone paste in the middle of the stone would be nice to put the spoon more you hang on the wall because then spoon could fall in shock. Plastic spoon or knife cutting solder temperature plastic spoon so the small absolute size of the mirror does not matter, according to mirror changes the size of the material you use.

Some need more cardboard and spoons. We can say a little wider as thin cardboard from cardboard the size of the mirror size. Again thoroughly with silicone on cardboard fixing process is applied before gluing on the other side. What is important is the need to use plenty of silicon. Silicon also does not melt spoons. The choice is yours, actually. Gifts for the middle instead of a round mirror image of perfection here.


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