Menopause Symptoms

Menopause Symptoms

The median age of menopause in women called the life they encounter a different process. Accustomed to living with female hormones so far the body begins to experience some upheaval with the end of this hormone. This shock starting the process of menopause in women experienced some changes both spiritually as well as physically. The body tries to adapt to a lack of process.

Fertility of women who go to the end of the process gradually with age. Although volatility in the world at menopause average age of menopause is between 45-50. This varies according to age and heredity to certain diseases. In ancient times women have never met menopause. Because it was not long enough to see the life of menopausal women. The modern ages with prolonged human life and women are experiencing menopause.

Now been removed from the problems of menopause for women are now fully explored. The fact that menopause is a completely natural process, which he described as some of the nightmare. However, this process is more problematic in some women, while others jumped more smoothly. Of course it plays an important role in this one has to be aware about the menopause.

What are the symptoms?

It is due to the decline of hormones. If necessary, support should be and should be used in sedative. Life should not come to the breaking point. Sports exercise and fresh air should exit with a team walking. Some women may also experience memory problems.

Hair loss is observed in some changes, such as dry skin. Brittle nails may be added thereto. Reduction of estrogen to the appearance of these symptoms. Type of hair loss in men can be seen even in some women.

Bone resorption is also very important. Bone density decreases rapidly. Bone is a fragile state. Both this style makes much bone pain and fracture risk is high. Vitamin D intake is required. It is also important to consume dairy products.


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