Making yoghurt at home

Making  yoghurt at home

Nowadays people are more careful about healthy nutrition and health issues.Researchs have shown that most of the food on the market contain inappopriate ingridients and they are’nt good for our health. So most of the women try to make  yoghurt at home.It is also common to make tomato paste or cheese at home. Home made yoghurt is also very good and nutrious for your children.Yoghurt helps your bones  to be strong and  prevents women having osteoporosis on elderly ages.

These are the keypoints to make your own yoghurt at home.Buy milk from a trusted dairy . Pour the milk into a big pot. Boil  the milk for about half an hour. Wait until you see the bubbles on the surface. Let the milk cool down a little.Pour one spoon yoghurt into the pot. Wrap the pot in a blanket. Let it cool down in a cold dry place. Open up the blanket and put the yoghurt into the refrigirator. Now you can eat your tasty home made yoghurt.

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You can enjoy different food or drinks made with yoghurt. These food are from Turkish or Greek origin. The first one is called ayran which is the cold yoghurt drink. This yoghurt drink is a very good choice for the hot summer days. Inorder to prepare ayran you only need to add some water to yoghurt  ,serve it cold and add some salt and for the right taste. Another option is called cacik in turkish and caciki in greek made with sliced cucumbers.Put some water,add the cucumbers to yoghurt and a little olive oil . Put some dry peppermint and  add red pepper.

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