Making Wooden Tray

Making Wooden Tray

It requires a fairly simple process of making decorative wooden tray. Carpenter with boards where you can find the color you want, you can decorative serving tray. The kitchen is very simple to prepare presentation tray that you can use on your counter or you can use it easily when serving your guests. Wooden crates or wooden serving trays were made with a recently become very popular. Wooden trays commonly used minimalist decor style is not difficult to make your own home. You need to prepare the wooden tray presentation materials just pieces of wood, glue and paint any color you want. Imagine that you can reach the presentation tray within minutes with these materials.

You should note that evenly cut pieces of wood when preparing the presentation tray. Pay attention to the board to be more powerful than the material to be sticking together. Silicon can be products which adheres very firmly as wood glue. You can paint the color you want after combining pieces of wood in an orderly manner or to leave their natural form. You can use the old drawer handle for the tray grips or handles structure can buy from the supermarket.


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