Making the Tea Pot Kitchen Lighting

Making the Tea Pot Kitchen Lighting

You can use your kettle from the kitchen chandelier and outdated. The idea of ​​a magnificent chandelier teapot idea for your kitchen decor. You can make the kitchen chandelier with teapots we wear or use. You can also try to uncover interesting but if you want a beautiful chandelier.

Spend through the cable opening hole from the inside bottom of the teapot can then install the lamp. Also a part of the teapot cover the upper part of the deterrent can also paste other side of the handle.

If you examine the picture below you will see how beautiful chandelier emerged. In terms of light can give little light, but you can be sure it will look very nice in terms of decor.

We can not thank you enough for such a project is done. Which was made using the imagination chandelier looks good in the kitchen.

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