Making Stress Ball

Making Stress Ball

We can not ever remove stress from our lives, unfortunately, it continues to adversely affect the extent of our lives. However, the market also has some tools we can buy names under stress ball. But we forget the people who do not want to give money to these tools for stress.

Without money in your home, you can easily try this new stress ball made our work. Use the stress ball will definitely get a bit of your stress. We bring together an extremely simple material do you enjoy this nice stress ball. Looking at the material consists of material supply can be from anywhere. Balloons, corn starch, water bottle, water and food coloring, these are great works of the material.

First we put up a glass of water into a container, such as finding the first picture. We put the container into two cups of corn starch. Put water and stirring until the cornstarch with a little coarse solid state area. Do not rush while never operations, as just said, please take care to progress. We add a little food coloring. As we continue to confuse you, you will have achieved the fifth color in the image.


Into the water bottle, and pour the mixture that we do. In the process, it will continue taking the bottle mouth a balloon. We turn the balloon slowly downward. The material will flow into the bottle gently bubble.

Finally, while gained a clear color from dark situated firmly in the tenth picture will stress your ball is in your stress. Here it is extremely easy to make new stress ball can say is that simple. You can try this beautiful work of evaluating your leisure time in a stress ball will love you for bringing together the necessary materials.


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