Making Noddle at Home

Making Noddle at Home

Noodle, a pasta being cooked a lot at home. So we can not get enough of the taste while eating a nice meal counted. Of course, people come to eat with more appetite of a challenge in his own house with his own hands.

Because at home, knowing what to put into your own eyes and, most importantly, can anything be more beautiful than that eat up their own manual labor?

Noodle making is very common nowadays. Our young are usually a bit away from these things. Noodle much our mothers, our grandmothers do. We also reduced the appetite to eat. Write at most places, usually done in the villages where everyone gathered together. Noodle is a matter of doing a little business together. It is not a job that can be done alone.

Noodles made as follows:

Optionally, milk, eggs, flour or dough which is kneaded Water was substituted for milk. The number of eggs depends on your taste palate.

Plenty of eggs gives more flavor. After the kneaded dough, drop cloth diaper. The dough is cut in strips, hanging from ropes dried. Noodle dough should be somewhat stiff. Noodle explanation and description of the construction is as easy as possible to read this requires at least 5 people. It is a difficult job. Labor requires. Noodle machines although our business in a kind of easy, it is great to knead dough labor anyway. But it is a good winter food. We just can not use it when the pasta noodle soup intention or the intention ravioli. Just immediately known all over our country tutmaç soup noodles frame, when thrown into the square cut adds a great flavor.

To cut noodles, how we catch the hot air so successful and we have achieved rapid business. nice to stay dry and age of the noodles, the sun is a must. The sun does not dry noodles remain moist and moldy very quickly. Noodle is very important to do at the right time.


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