Making Home Natural Detergent

Making Home Natural Detergent

Most home cleaning supplies among the detergents we consume leads to increased skin disorders increasingly present. Do not have such a problem if we do not know the future will not create difficulties. It also should not forget the damage to expensive and household budget. Very easy methods that allow the preparation of home made natural detergent to be suitable for long term use.

Our longing to hear everything that consumption of natural causes in our habits change over time. You need to know to build respect for the nature of the use of organic products. In this article you will see how to prepare natural detergent at home on your own. However, we will share the details of the content that the softening task for alternative uses.

Materials used: 1 or 2 die washing soap, 2 large cup borax, 2 large cup pedigree I bicarbonate, lavender oil and water.

Preparation of: Add the grated soap into a saucepan with boiling water. Stir with a spoon with a low fire board. Mix baking soda with borax you created in another bowl and stir into the mixture by adding the boiled. You can also add the aromatic oils.

I recommend lavender for it: You can add up to 15 ml. You can close the door. After a while, you can transfer the cooled mixture into glass vials that you use in your home. Do not forget to rinse the mixture in using natural detergents. You can add to shirk the box next to softening detergent mixture on your machine if you want to influence. It will create a natural softness of your laundry and extra cleaning. It is also used against arthritis can remind your water pipes to shirk machine.


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