Making Home of the Cardboard

Making Home of the Cardboard

Cardboard model home construction is a very simple expression of our site with new hobbies. If you want homemade cardboard cutout we encourage you to review our website. Many fun activities are to make the model home for the child. This activity while helping parents and children, it is possible to say that at least until the children have fun. Therefore, the model in the home homemade pass quite enjoyable. Every moment is precious for the children will spend with the children of mothers and fathers is important to consider the situation.

Homemade cardboard model can also be an assignment given by the teacher of children going to school. Teachers who want to add color to the school house with a beautiful model from one another arise, it aims to develop children’s imagination.

The most practical way to model home is to make models using cardboard house. Each home will suffer when the model home with a cardboard carton that reason. The house materials, you can evaluate it that way.

The first model to build a house made of cardboard, cut a triangle so its top is flat cardboard cover. Follow this process for the two opposing short cover.

Then, combining the other side with edges that cut and paste with silicon. You can now process the queue after waiting for a while to cool down the silicon.


Taking another piece of cardboard, put a roof on top of that you combine and paste. Roof, draw lines in the form of tiles with orange felt pen.

On the board, windows and surrounded by a rope around this part of the cut and the knife. After determining the location of the pen gate that can help.



On the door, please paste a white paper and draw the window of the door. Stone needle, passing the finish of door handle to the door.


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