Making Handmade Earring

Making Handmade Earring

We always wanted to make my own earrings for my taste. But for some reason at first glance it was very difficult to come to me .. But a few video watching and I realized that it was not difficult at all. And I want to share with you ladies.

Usually earrings are composed of miniature look great or long fascicular chain. In particular, there are a few models that I love them. My favorite example is flashy and adorned with chains and intermediate parts of the beads or stones.

Materials of earrings will make this our home often present in our homes. But some ladies have applied their models with handcraft have obtained and reviewed crafts such as needlework. Some of them also have been designed as a result of the use of various products such as seals.

Usually other models are also being used as a thin transparent monofilament yarn rope. So we made the earring is demonstrating itself as uniform as beads or stones do not seem yarns used as well. Now a very simple and anyone can do earrings at ease, let us explain to you.



We love the color drops move, apparatus called off the beads, earrings just the tip of the nail necessary. Let my first nail color we choose the beads. Place the ladies beads off in later stages. Cutting the nails of a more precise instrument. Pass the ring earring stud end and twist it. Because it can damage your hearing if you do not twist the earrings in the process using the end of the nail. Here we have a short time in a very elegant earrings.


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