Making a flower pot out of light bulb

Making a flower pot out of light bulb

You can create a vase or a flower pot out of an used light bulb. If you create a vase out of a light bulb it is highly reccommandable to build a stand for your vase. It is not as hard as it looks you can just twist a wire around you light bulb and your stand is ready. Keep in mind that a copper wire is easily to form.


For designing a flower pot from a light bulb you only need to put your plant inside the bulb and clear growing gel for your plant. Your flower pot with visible rootsof your plant has an interesting look. Do not forget to stick on silicone bumpers on the bulb.


For designing a terrarium out of a light bulb you need scissors,long tweezers,screwdrivers and needle nose pliers.


Remove the metal tip at the back of the bulb. Use the screwdriver to remove the argongase inside the bulb. Remove all the remaining parts inside.


Use beach sand for your terrarium, rinse your beach sand and dry it in your oven at 300 deg. You can also leave the beach sand to dry on tray for couple of days. After your beach sand is dried put it in the terrarium and add moos.

Now you can place your tillandsia inside your light bulb with the hep of tweezers or chopsticks.

You can also put pebbles, marbles and any colorful objects for a funnier looking terrarium.



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