Making ear warmers

Making ear warmers

Hats and ear warmers are the essential accesories for winter because everyone wants to keep their head and ears warm during winter. Yes hats are very necessary in winter ,but as their look is more important for every woman, ear warmers are more preferable for them. Because most of the hats cause bad hair days and make you look worse.


Making ear warmers is very fun and easy. Ear warmers keep your ears warm during winter. Colorful ear warmers will make you look trendy.  You should use colorful yarn while knitting ear warmers. You can add accessories like roses, beads, glitters to your ear warmers to make them more cute.


So now you will find the answer to your question how to knit ear warmers. You need a suitable yarn and 5 mm knitting needles for your ear warmer. You will have to cast on 27 stitches.make sure to measure your ear warmer while knitting to make sure that it fits your head. After you have completed knitting your ear warmer bring the two ends together.


There are many interesting knitting patterns. You can use these patterns to design stuff for yourself ,for your children or even for your pets. You can knit pullovers, hats, ear warmers, dresses.


Or you can knit a colorful sweater for your dog. Knitting covers,quilts ,tea pot cosies,pot holders and coffee cosies is also possible. You can knit gifts for your friends,family members ,which will make them remember you while using it.



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