Making Crown with Pompom

Making Crown with Pompom

Do you want to decorate your own hands crown for your girls?

Here we use our material:

A plastic crown, ready colored pompoms in different sizes, some felt, silicone adhesive, frills or ribbons, scissors.

First we cut two pieces 3-5 cm in diameter round of felt. We choose to paste one of the pieces we puffs on taking our hands. I want to make a daisy petals with pink and white colors for pink plastic crown. We place the order of the silicone adhesive seals the edges of squeezing a pink and white pompoms. We are sticking slightly larger puffs of yellow in the middle. Then, the frills are sticking to the upside back daisies.

We are sticking to the bottom of the daisy felt we felt we cut putting the crown between the other round. After waiting some silicone adhesive will dry. Is not it nice how practical it seems a crown decorate our own hands? You can also use hair bands instead of plastic crown. Various models can be enjoyed by gluing on the cut felt in different ways.

We take various buckles to connect our hair girl. For example, I bought my daughter has to wear with time pompom buckle and extend tire. I hid the scissors cutting the pompom. I made a simple decoration, taking the crown. I have prepared a new clip for my daughter.

Every item in our house is very valuable from the smallest to the largest. A small button might come in handy one day. A piece of felt, fabric, products such as tapes and not waste. We have to keep them in place. It will certainly prove to be a business. For example, what can we do to crown our beautiful decorations old net curtains. We can do little puffs from the remaining part of our rope braided rope. Draw a butterfly pattern of colored felt, you can cut, paste in the shape of puffs can.


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