Making Clock to Lace

Making Clock  to Lace

You no longer on the table, the lace on the TV thinks that speaking of fashion, but you can not bear to throw? You to have a good news then! Lace making is very simple and very stylish clock from a trend nowadays. Round lace from scratch or do you do in your wall clock time table and sticking to our home to home can add elegance. There is only a need for glue and lace.


First, you use the time you want to convert a point or time you should be careful about making the lace and the lace is the same size. If your subject is  this time, you can start taking your lace and glue.


The first time you get your hands sticky with the help of our lace on scorpions and paste remove the minute hand, we leave it to dry. The drying process by opening a small hole in the part to be inserted scorpion minute hand and minute hand time we completed our place the battery by plugging bring reinstated.


And if you watch the lace stuck with the new look on your wall. Simple but elegant detail that these watches will now be one of the trim pieces in your home.


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