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Making chocalate at home

Making chocalate at home

When you are making chocolate at home ,make it with raw cocoa and you will notice the difference between raw cocoa and roasted cocoa while eating your chocolate. If you make your chocolate with raw cocoa it will be more tasteful.

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If you want to make your own chocolate ,you have to keep to the ingridients list below.
1/2 cup of virgin coconot oil
½ cup of cocoa butter
¼ to ½ cup agave syrup
½ cup cocoa butter
After talking about the ingridients let’s go on on the subject “how to make your chocolate “ at home. It is easy to make your own chocolate. You just have to be patient for an hour.
First you have to grate cocoa butter,so it can melt easier.meaasure your coconut oil and put them into a bowl. Put the bowl into a pan ,which is filled with warm water. Stir the coconut oil and the cocoa butter.measure your cocoa powder and stir it with your other dry can also add vanilla if you you can pour the dry ingridients into your bowl with cocoa butter and coconut oil.Now you can add dry fruits ,nuts to your you can pour your melted chocolate on a plate or pan. You must put your chocolate in your refrigrator for an hour or into your freezer for half an hour. Now your choate is ready to serve.Making your own chocolate is also healthy for you and for your child.

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