Making Cat Bed At Home

Making Cat Bed At Home

How about making beds at home using old material for your pet friends? From sweaters, from an old washtub or box of cat and dog beds. It’s completely different looks you can make your home as comfortable obsolete goods.

This cat house is an old T-shirt to the idea, the two clothes hangers and you need a band with a piece of cardboard. Sew all sides, leaving open only the collar of a shirt you cut the arm.

Bring the part of the actual metal clothes hangers and hangers in the final thin metal rod. Then you glue the cross as the ends of the strap, put you pass around the four corners of the cardboard strip; The band bending from the bottom. Finally facing side of the front part of the tent tee.

If you have a worn sweater, instead of throwing her cat or your dog can make a comfortable bed. A sweater, a mattress, you will need to a little fiber and sewing materials. After preparing the material had a cushion inside the sweater and sew the edges. After the steep sides of the fill the fiber contains a vengeance from the end of the arm and the other arm. Finally, the arm portions so as to be perpendicular to the sides of the bed overhead.


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