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Making a pattern of half pistachios for a vest and shawl

Making a pattern of half pistachios for a vest and shawl

We present to you our valuable followers a wonderful pattern that crochet lovers will love to apply in shawl and knitting vest patterns. Its visual decency, which is quite easy to make, is among the examples that appeal to the eye.

Different examples of crochet patterns can be found on our website with a video description. We have many patterns available. You can apply different and beautiful patterns by visiting our site for sample selection.

Making a half-pistachio pattern for a vest and shawl
You can choose the appropriate rope for the vest and shawl.

Choosing a crochet that is prone to rope and hand

Construction: The pattern is based on a chain in the narrative. After adjusting the number of chains according to the pattern you will make, we apply a four-way handrail. Next, we skip three chain blanks and make three quadruple handrails side by side, we apply three chains and peanuts to the bottom of the last handrails. Let’s skip three chains and three chains again, make three handrails next to each other in four on the fourth chain, make three chains and peanuts, pull out the chain and complete the row by making the edge handrail. The pattern is a self-repeating example. You can apply it by watching the video lecture for its detailed construction. Good luck..

As always, we will be waiting for you for all kinds of questions, suggestions and requests in the comments section of the video, your comments are very valuable to us, so we are trying to respond as quickly as possible to make it easy for all knitting lovers in advance.


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