Make your own pareo

Make your own pareo

Pareos are very trendy and fashionable especially in summer. You can use your pareo at the sea side and also at night when it is cold outside.If you go out for a diner,to a wedding or a party pareos will save your life.You can make a pareo out of fabric, silk or wool.
Now we will find out about the subject how to make our own pareo. Measure your fabric and cut it on your size.Do not forget that the pareo should cover up your body.Sew the fabric at the endings. After your pareo is ready ,you can decorate your pareo with lace ,ribbon,beads or glitters.You can knit yourself a pareo. You can crochete yourself a pareo which could be used at special occassions at night.Or you can crochete yourself a pareo for the seaside.

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You can decorate the endings of your pareo with sea shells.
There are many interesting pareo models. The most stylish ones are the knitted and crocheted pareos.Crocheted pareos are very trendy this summer.You can crochete your pareo by mixing yarns wit different colors.You can crochete different patterns and put them to together to make your new pareo. Coloring your pareo is another alternative. You can dye your pareo with suitable colors for dying.There are many methods to wrap a pareo. Take a wooden ring pass both ends of your pareo through the ring tie the pareo at your neck. You can tie your pareo at your chest after passing it through.
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