How the to Make  Wall Decoration?  

How the to Make  Wall Decoration?  

A corner of your home, you want to make different decorative designs on the walls? These wall stickers are sold ready for decorations. But we acted our experiences handcrafted with their own hands to labor, we do this work.

At first you do in making a pattern wall sticker decoration. How will you do it and so we need to plan. For example, you want to make a tree image that many branches of your wall will do it for jig few cardboard will be required for the entire board by drawing the official pencil you want to make it into a big paper sticking to one another not as two stripes each drawing a single line, because the wall this will be given two lines search stained sticker air.

Now you will be offered in an official publication of handcrafted wall decorations table will be drawn on cardboard and glued to the wall of official prepared a rack on top of the table or be mounted drill will have acquired a pedestal table standing.

By setting the first measurements as shown in the picture to arton draw by looking at a picture of a table leg and their after cut after taking the measurement from the ground to the wall, keeping parallel to the ground to place the cardboard walls to the edges taped drawing on the wall had made a lead foot drawing of the wall on the table with pen handcrafted work with a plastic paint the color of the shelves you’ll paste the plotted locations handiwork as a work finally allow to dry painted shelf on the table by mounting the wall on the picture handcrafted work of construction sticker house wall decoration will be finished.


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