Make Up Organizer Made of Chips Box

Make Up Organizer Made of Chips Box

As you know, people are very big consumers nowadays! Therefore, we, as responsible people we need to give importance to consume everything. Our point should be recycling and do it yourselfprojects. By the assistance of this kind of projects, we will have been valued our old belongings and thus, we will have been contributed to recycling on our own!


While we are doing recycling projects, we of course should use old stuff that we have not used and ready to send them to the bin as trash. Thus, we will have what we need and we don’t need to buy new one. And today, I noticed lack of makeup organizer. I searched internet and found some models which are suitable for me. So, today’s project is makeup organizer made of chips box.


Below materials are required in order to do our own makeup organizer:

  • Small size chip boxes
  • Colorful papers to cover the chips box
  • A strong glue to stick the papers onto chips box
  • A scissors to cut and give shapes to the papers
  • A basic pattern
  • make-up-organizer-made-of-chips-box-4make-up-organizer-made-of-chips-box-3

We cut the papers as per the shape of our chips box that we would like to use. And after that, we will stick the papers to the chips box. Now, after our glue dried it is ready to use as makeup organizer. Here is our makeup organizer made of chips box! As you see it is very easy to do it yourself. No need to buy it from the stores.

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